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  [Video] Will Heard & Cara Delevingne – ‘Sonnentanz’ (Sun Don’t Shine) Acoustic   //     Angelina   //     21 Aug 2013

  [Gallery Update] Mahiki Coconut Backstage Bar at V Festival 2013 – Day 2   //     Angelina   //     18 Aug 2013

August 18th – Mahiki Coconut Backstage Bar at V Festival 2013 – Day 2 x18 photos

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  Cara Delevingne & Her Wild Cat Tat Cover Love Magazine   //     Angelina   //     26 Jul 2013

Three, and counting! We all know that Cara Delevingne’s got the body art bug, and now with the latest unveiling of Love Magazine’s 5th Anniversary Issue, Cara and her lion finger tattoo feature on their very first cover together!
It was big news when Cara Delevingne got her second tattoo, the infamous lion on her index finger that the world suggested her mischievous friendship with Rihanna had caused her to get while the two were out on a night about town together.

And now, Cara and her wild cat tat are on the cover of Love Magazine as part of this months 10th issue which also marks Love’s 5th anniversary.

Continuing with the Minnie Mouse theme for the celebratory issue, Cara and her lion have been pictured by photography prodigies Mert & Marcus, while giving us a “grrrrrr,” and topping her look with a pair of Minnie Mouse ears, denim shirt, and perfectly tousled locks (a far cry from Cara’s regular tomboy look). And did we forget to mention, she’s not even wearing any makeup!

  Beauty x 3: Pencils for Cara Delevingne eyebrows   //     Angelina   //     26 Jul 2013

If you keep brushed up on beauty trends you know that bold eyebrows are currently #1 on the hit list. Earlier this week Louis Vuitton released their new fall campaign photos featuring Michelle Williams and, yes, the luxury bags are nice but her bold (dark and thick) eyebrows against her long-short haircut are the real stars of the show. Don’t even get me started on her lipstick! It’s so dark red it’s nearly black – the quintessence of vampy.

Many of my peers feel intimidated to enhance their brows – they worry about drawing too-thick lines with too dark colour that ends up being too fake looking. I want them and you to know that eyebrow products have improved significantly to ensure against these horrors. Shelves are stocked rich with waterproof gels, extra waxy pencils with superfine tips and loose pigments in a rainbow of natural hair-coloured shades. So long as you work on your technique, you should have little complication building substantial eyebrows that frame your face (this term refers to tying all your makeup together into one, cohesive look) and setting off the colour of your eyes.

If you look at both Michelle Williams and Cara Delevingne, you’ll see that the trendiest brow is about two shades darker than your natural hair colour and quite thick. If you feel more comfortable with a shade closer to your natural hair, just choose a product one shade darker rather than two (a good rule of thumb for this is to choose “medium brown” no matter your hair colour, it doesn’t need to be exact). Again, technique is everything. Make sure your pencil is sharpened and run along your hand a few times to warm the wax. Rather than me give you a step-by-step, I’ll let Charlotte Tilbury take you through ‘The Perfect Brow’, a video which I believe to be the best tutorial of its kind

  Grand opening of Cara-Delevingne.org!   //     Angelina   //     31 Mar 2013

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