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Marc Jacobs just revealed his fall 2016 campaign video, featuring an eclectic mix of stars—from Missy Elliott and Sissy Spacek to Marilyn Manson—in an edgy goth-chic, music-filled short film. The video, by legendary music video director Hype Williams, premiered on Billboard—to coincide with the magazine’s new Style Issue, featuring Jacobs and St. Vincent, who also appears in the ad along with her model girlfriend, Cara Delevingne.

Marc Jacobs’ Fall Campaign “Beautiful Freaks” x1 HQ photo

Cara Delevingne and sister Poppy were seen arriving at Heathrow Airport from Los Angeles and met by a friend in Terminal 3 with Cara’s pet dog Leo.

September 9th – Arriving at Heathrow Airport in London x21 HQ photos

Cara Delevingne, who quit modeling in August of last year because the job made her “hate” herself, has made a brief (or not-so-brief) return to the fashion world in a new campaign for Yves Saint Laurent. “La Collection de Paris,” reports Fashionista, “may or may not be” the final campaign of YSL creative director Hedi Slimane, who’s had the job since 2012.

YSL tweeted four photos of Delevingne early Wednesday morning, and she looks—to me, at least—like someone who is pretty great at her job. As opposed to the modeling of close(?) friends Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, this gives the impression that work is truly precious to Delevingne. She’s making decisions in front of the camera. Feeling something. There’s a kind of life behind her eyes that doesn’t quite register in photos of Jenner and Hadid—who have spent the months since Delevingne’s departure getting more and more famous in the industry. I look at their photos and think, “Oh, there’s Kendall and Gigi.” I looked at these and thought, “Oh, there’s a model.” (Perhaps I’m being unfair, but as someone who knows very little about fashion beyond the first 7 cycles of America’s Next Top Model, first impressions mean a lot.)

As for the collection itself, sure! If I saw someone wearing any of these clothes I’d assume they had a great stylist and money to burn.


September 25th – Bo.Bô event in Sao Paulo, Brazil x26 HQ photos