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When it comes to millennial style icons you can’t do much better than Cara Delevingne. The actress-model has always had fun expressing herself with clothes. Whether stepping out in her low-key off-duty wardrobe of trainers and tracksuits, or delivering red carpet sophistication at her latest premiere, Delevingne plays with fashion and the expectations of her audience. “I think it would be pretty funny if I was wearing what I wore on red carpets every day in my ball gowns,” joked Delevingne at this morning’s H&M World Trade Center grand opening. “I like the extremes of [fashion] and I love being comfortable and confident in what I’m wearing.”
Delevingne’s confidence has allowed her to test out a variety of looks. Burberry trenches, couture gowns, and sleek suits make up a portion of her closet, but so do affordable finds from her travels and frequent trips to inexpensive, accessible stores. Always on a search for great basics, Delevingne makes H&M runs whenever she’s in need of a fashion fail-safe. “For me, it’s always about those staple pieces, a pair of black skinny jeans, or these wicked Japanese-style bomber jackets, things that you can wear with everything,” says Delevingne. “They have everything and they cater to everyone, which is the wonderful thing about H&M.”
Though she’s known for those casual-chic looks, she was never a mall rat growing up in England where high street shopping is the norm. “I’d never been to a mall before I came to America, really. I think Westfield was probably the first one that I went to,” she says. (She admits to fondness for the accessibility and snack options.) “I love to shop so I end up spending and getting a lot more—it’s a great way to spend your day, especially when you’ve got the right food.”
Even with her newfound mall appreciation, she remains unafraid when it comes to upping the glamour quotient for a big event. Going for a complete 180 in dramatic dresses from Alexander McQueen or Chanel, she approaches each new runway look as if it were its own role. “When I’m getting dressed up it definitely feels like there’s a part that I’m playing,” says Delevingne. She preps for her big nights with a little help from her pals. “I love getting ready with friends, putting music on, and dancing around as we’re getting glammed up—being comfortable is fun as well. . . You put on a tracksuit, or sneakers and just chill and watch a movie.”
Recently, both sides of Delevingne’s persona have been on display. Moving seamlessly from the runway to high-profile roles in hits like Suicide Squad she’s had plenty of opportunities to showcase her style. Even with premieres, openings, parties, and the business of being a rising star, her focus remains on the big picture. “Ever since I was a kid I wanted to act, so I feel extremely grateful and lucky to have the opportunity to be working with my idols,” says Delevingne, who just wrapped the sci-fi thriller Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets with Luc Besson. “I just want to be able to carry on what I’m doing, inspiring young girls and giving back. Letting girls know that they can do anything they want if they set their minds to it and follow their dreams and never give up.”



Cara attends Grand Opening of H&M Store at the Westfield World Trade Center in NYC on November 17th. I added two albums to gallery – from event and candids:

November 17th – Grand Opening of H&M Store at the Westfield World Trade Center in NYC x88 photos

November 17th – Arriving at the opening of new H&M store at Westfield World Trade Center in NYC x10 photos

I added to gallery new candids from November 15th when Cara was seen arriving and leaving Erewhon Market in Los Angeles.

November 15th – Arriving/Leaving Erewhon Market in Los Angeles x25 photos


Cara attends Glamour Women Of The Year 2016 at NeueHouse Hollywood on November 14th, 2016 in Los Angeles. I added photos from red carpet to gallery:

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Cara is on new cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine Netherlands for December 2016. Check in gallery:

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Cara Delevingne was seen arriving at a Rimmel London event in East London on November 9th. I added HQ candids to gallery:

November 9th – Arriving at a Rimmel London event in East London x31 photos

M-4VDF-16373afrpsd Final (Left to right.)   
Dane DeHaan, and Cara Delevingne star in EuropaCorp's  Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.
Photo credit: Vikram Gounassegarin

After seeing the teaser trailer and a scene from the film, I had a lengthy conversation with Besson. He talked about where he’s at in the editing process, how they’ve got 200 VFX shots done out of 2,700, his lifelong love of the material, why Cara Delevingne was the right actor for Laureline, how students helped design portions of the world, how he’s already written the outline for the second and third movies, and so much more. The cherry on top? We even got to talk about the status of sequels to The Professional and Lucy. If you’re a fan of this master filmmaker, I think you’ll enjoy.

The Valerian trailer drops on Thursday; in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek:

I have to ask you about the casting, you mentioned that this is character you fell in love with when you were ten. So what is it like casting this dream girl that you have had a crush on almost your entire life?

BESSON: I’m glad I’m 50-years-old now because if I made the film at 25 I would be totally in love with Cara, [Delevingne] but I’m 50 and she’s very young so it’s much more friendly and professional. I just need to find an actress this little glimpse, this little humor, craziness that she has. Cara has all this naturally. She’s a little Laureline in our world today.

That’s not everyone, that’s you and me.

BESSON: But you know what I mean, right? I like every kind of film if it’s well made. I’m fine. I’m not a specialist fighting for a genre of film. You just have to follow your instinct. I’ve known Laureline for 40 years and I met Cara and I know it’s her, that’s it. And you can tell me whatever you want like, “Oh she never played before” or “She’s a model,” or whatever. I didn’t say yes right away I test her very deeply…very hardly it was very hard. But my guess was like if she’s going through the process and if she’s good at the end she can get the part and then she got the part.

If you were to make another one would you take on two and three together back to back the way Peter Jackson did it or do you feel like there’s an element where you really want to do it one at a time?

BESSON: No, it doesn’t matter I would say probably one by one. I think it’s good also that the actors like Dane between the feels is gonna make more films Cara also. So they come back with new experiences and maybe I do something else first also and then you have even more pleasure to see each other again. So two in a row will be very long.


Here’s the official synopsis for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets:

“Rooted in the classic graphic novel series, Valerian and Laureline- visionary writer/director Luc Besson advances this iconic source material into a contemporary, unique and epic science fiction saga. Valerian (Dane DeHaan) and Laureline (Cara Delevingne) are special operatives for the government of the human territories charged with maintaining order throughout the universe. Valerian has more in mind than a professional relationship with his partner- blatantly chasing after her with propositions of romance. But his extensive history with women, and her traditional values, drive Laureline to continuously rebuff him. Under directive from their Commander (Clive Owen), Valerian and Laureline embark on a mission to the breathtaking intergalactic city of Alpha, an ever-expanding metropolis comprised of thousands of different species from all four corners of the universe. Alpha’s seventeen million inhabitants have converged over time- uniting their talents, technology and resources for the betterment of all. Unfortunately, not everyone on Alpha shares in these same objectives; in fact, unseen forces are at work, placing our race in great danger.”

FULL: Exclusive: ‘Valerian’ Director Luc Besson on Bringing His Dream Project to the Big Screen


Cara Delevingne hasn’t walked a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show since 2013, but that could soon change. After a recent tabloid article in The Sun spread questionable news that she was too “bloated” to walk the 2014 show, VS Fashion Show executive producer Edward Razek reached out to the model personally to clear the air—and extend a special invitation.

Delevingne Instagrammed Razek’s letter, dated on Nov. 3, which read:

🖕🏽🌞 🖕🏽it's shameless to discuss women's bodies just to sell papers #bloated ❤️ @victoriassecret

Zdjęcie zamieszczone przez użytkownika Cara Delevingne (@caradelevingne)

“It’s shameless to discuss women’s bodies just to sell papers #bloated,” she said in the caption, followed by a heart emoji directed at Victoria’s Secret. Does that means she’s leaning towards accepting the invite?
The 24-year-old model walked the VS fashion show in 2012 and 2013. Although The Sun published that Delevingne was turned down from walking the following year “for being ‘bloated,'” Razek clarified in the letter that she couldn’t make it due to scheduling conflicts with a movie she was filming at the time, Paper Towns. The VS fashion show took place in London on Dec. 2, 2014, but filming for the project took place in North Carolina through November and December the same year. Some scenes, set in a local high school, were even shot on the same date as the runway show.
The letter warmly closes with a special invitation. “If you’re free on November 30, please join us in Paris,” the exec wrote, and added: “No casting necessary!” The model has yet to respond on whether she’ll join in, but if she does, this will mark her first time at a VS show in three years. We’re crossing our fingers.